Present yourself well!

Although first impressions do not give you a complete overview of a person, we make judgement on what we physically see. It is an automatic reaction.

It is important that we give a good impression of ourselves, that we represent ourselves in the best way possible. Not only for the benefit of others but as a way of reaffirming that we matter. How others see us has some impact on our lives but how we see ourselves is what truly matters.  We have a duty to ensure we present well when leaving our home; clean body, clean and ironed clothes, polished shoes, groomed hair.

There is a well known saying;
“One should dress for the job they want, not for the job they have”.

This quote makes the assumption that everyone is striving to the next senior level in their organisation which is simply not the case. Some are happy in their roles and have no desire to move “up ranks” and some are already at senior leadership level.  Regardless of where one’s role sits, presentation is of importance.

On occasions I have taken this “appearing good at all times” lark a bit far such as applying foundation before visitors arrived to see me and my first born in hospital. I was in tremendous pain but still managed to reach over for my make-up bag much to the amusement of the midwife who gave me a “for goodness sake” look. I am sure I also saw some eyeball rolling!

I remember as a teen I rushed to my part-time job in a retail store and in a panic put on a pair of tights (hosiery) that had an unsuspected ladder at the back. I noticed after arriving in the back office and was mortified! I rushed to buy a packet of tights from the shop floor and changed. I learnt my lesson on that day, over 20 years ago that regardless of how much of a rush I am in, I must pay attention. I now allow a few minutes before leaving home to look in a full length mirror to ensure I am presentable.

I promised myself that whatever battle I faced,  I would not allow this to affect the way in which I looked.  I would put on a good front in order to face the outside world. As shallow as it may come across, it has helped my confidence. When you look good, you in turn feel better. I may, just may let the side down a little as I wear running shoes to and from the office. I walk as part of my commute and am much faster on my feet as a result. Also I walk heavily on my feet so my shoes would need reheeling far too often!

How much do you pay attention to your appearance?

How much do you judge others on their appearance, specifically in corporate environments?