New Year, New Goals!


Happy New Year!

What better time to write a blog than on the first day of a new year. I took a two week break from my blog over Christmas and although I missed writing, it really was a pleasure to take time out.

However challenging, frustrating or smooth running 2016 was for you, what are your plans for 2017? How are you going to make 2017 be a more fruitful year for you?

What have you been procrastinating on for months or years? Something you have a passion for, a cause of some sort or perhaps something more practical such as taking your driving test or saving for a deposit for a mortgage.

What has stopped you from pursuing this dream or goal? Lack of finances, lack of time, a lack of faith in your ability, lack of support from friends and family members?

Wholst these are all obvious hurdles which you will need to overcome, they do not need to prevent you from moving forward. One step forward, one small action is often all that is required to get you going.  Do not concern yourself with the “what if’s”. Do not be afraid of failing.  When moving into new territory, failure is often part and parcel.

I would suggest you note down three goals you have for 2017; one or two may even appear unachievable in your own eyes. Think about the very first step you will need to take. It may involve a telephone call, face to face meeting or researching the Internet.

Take action – only then will you believe you can achieve this goal. Only then will doors begin to open and ideas spring into your mind. 

Do not be that person who hopes but puts no plans in place.  Do not be that person who chooses not to pursue their goals and dreams believing they are too big. Big is good as it means you are aiming high!

What do you plan to achieve in 2017?

Are you willing to overcome the challenges?

20 thoughts on “New Year, New Goals!”

  1. What a wonderful post. It is important to set goals, but then to write them down. This will help you focus on them. As you stated in your post, it is important to look back and find out why you did not achieve your last goal. If you failed, you need to correct it, or you will fail again.


  2. Hello Phoenicia,
    Wishing you a Happy New Year!
    Just like you said, I loved taking some time out but missed blogging to at the year end.
    In the year 2017, I am looking forward to growing, develop Brand ME, hope for the best and ready to give in my best!


  3. Phoenicia — well, I’m renewing and reinforcing my goal to become a Life Master in bridge. That entails going to regional and national tournaments to earn the right color points. I don’t know if it will happen this year but I’m shooting for it!


  4. This is an encouraging post. I agree that we need to take actions in order to achieve our goals and thanks for reminding us to dream big. I aim to take actions this year and to stop procrastinating. happy New Year.


  5. Am personally not for new years resolutions and setting goals at that time of the year. My goals have not changed because it’s a new year and I am making progress on them. Am now going back to university for advanced studies that are part of one of my goals.


    1. Some goals carry from year to year and others you start mid-year. I guess people plan according to what works for them. Often a new year brings new expectations.

      All the best in your studies.


  6. I can feel your enthusiasm just reading your post Phoenicia! I am continuing to build on my long-term goals and life plan so definitely looking forward to this year and especially to continue challenging myself. Wishing you all the best!


    1. Glad to hear it Marquita!

      Life is full of challenges. We have to take them by the horn – refusing to be defeated.

      I am sure you have some great projects lined up this year – one I already know of!


  7. HI Phoenicia,
    Great idea to WRITE DOWN the goals instead of just thinking about them. Having something in writing can give one an extra boost of motivation. I’m going to pick three goals right now!


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