The Juggling Act of Life


Last week I was busy at home and work, undertaking a number of projects. I was a little stressed (and felt sorry for myself) on a few of the days. This resulted in me being rather cranky with my husband and children – something I am not happy about. My tolerance levels were surprisingly low.

I have a rule in our home which I seem to be the only one that follows; everything should have a place.  So much so that if for some reason we had no light I should be able to retrieve items from various spots in the house. What are the chances of that some may say…………..

I am happy for our children to have their toys out during the day but once the clock hits 7pm, I need them to be packed and in their rightful places. When I say need – I mean need!

Come 8pm, I like my children to be tucked up in bed so I can have an element of an evening. I rarely watch television, only specific programmes but use this time to relax and be me – not mummy. I recall the evangalist Joyce Meyer stating in one of her books that when young her children complained when she locked herself in the closet daily to pray and take time out. Her response was;

“You should be thankful I am in this closet  – you would not want to be around me if I did not take this time out”.

My first thought was – yes, this is me!

I would say I am a reflective individual and am constantly assessing my behaviour.  I am hard on myself especially when I have offended someone or made a mistake. I look at ways in which I can develop on my character in the areas I do not like. I try not to become irritated with myself when I display the same behaviours over and over again.

I find the following activities assist with bringing a balance to my life:

1. Reading the bible first thing in the morning
2. Praying first thing in the morning
3. Walking – especially when the air is crisp
4. Writing my thoughts down on paper
5. Listening to music .
6. Watching my favourite film with my husband
7. Taking the children out for the day – does not have to be expensive trips.

How do you bring a balance to your life?

Do you participate in any particular hobbies?

28 thoughts on “The Juggling Act of Life”

  1. Thinking about the things that bring balance to my life calms me. I love taking walks, crafting, reading, and writing in my journal. Some of my favorite childhood memories are with my parents site seeing around our town. It didn’t cost anything but gas, and my sister and I loved it. We found a neat castle house that we still talk about 20 years later.


  2. I know from my own mother. She always made sure to tell us when she needed downtime. Downtime is a very important, especially in today’s busy fast world!


  3. Loved your list dear!
    It’s what I follow too, except the last 😉 will in coming future, for now, I go out with my hubby


  4. Love that she hid in the closet for quiet time with God!
    I have to exercise every day to sweat out the bad stuff. Even though I watch TV while I do it, I find the activity (if I’m on the elliptical that is) clears my mind.
    Being in nature.
    Thinking of, talking to, praying to God throughout the day.
    Laughing. I must have laughter throughout the day in order to feel right.
    Music, reading…
    all good stuff you listed.


  5. So true! One of the hardest things for me is settling down when there are so many things to get done and distractions. The cell phone is just an awful distraction! There’s been times I’ve put it in another room during my time with God. I am empty nested. Grown children but it’s amazing the things the enemy will use to distract you. Great suggestions


  6. I don’t have the responsibilities you do Phoenicia, but as a blatant workaholic, I can certainly relate to the need to down time. Like Jeri, I know myself well enough to stop when I feel tired because I’ll only end up having to redo anything I write beyond that point. What helps me recenter is reading, getting outside and playing with my sweet dog Lucy.


  7. Your list of what helps you find balance is great. Exercise, music and reading are important to me.I am not pulled in as many directions these days as I was when my daughter was young. During that time of my life, tai chi helped me cope by adding calm and the ability to stay in the moment.


  8. Downtime is so important. I find when I work late to finish something, qualify suffers. I am better off going to bed or indulging in a movie to get my head on right again to find the needed balance to get the work done. Exercise and walking my dog are two great ways I bring balance into my daily life.


  9. Hello Phoenicia. I, too, find that having things in their places helps me stay focused and relaxed. Unfortunately, my husband is like your children and likes to leave all his stuff lying all over the house. I just put his stuff out of sight when it has been in the wrong place for more than 24 hours or if we are having company. It’s not worth fighting about.


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