Do you keep your attitude in check?


Winston Churchill quoted:

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”.

Never underestimate the power of a good attitude.

I looked in the Collins Dictionary for definitions of the word attitude. I think it helps to know the meaning before delving further into a subject matter.

1. Your attitude towards something is the way in which you think or feel about it, especially when you show it in the way you behave.

2. If you refer to someone as a person with attitude, you mean they have a striking and individual style of behaviour, especially a forceful or aggressive one.

For the purpose of my blog post, I will focus on attitude influencing the way in which we behave. Our actions speak volumes whether we are aware of this or not. One example of a bad attitude is you are required to complete a task which you would rather not do. You complete the task whilst complaining, grumbling, ignoring others. What is inside always manifests itself therefore whether you verbalise your annoyance or not, others will pick up on it.

Pride plays a huge part in displaying a bad attitude. Pride says I do not wish to do this task and I intend to make you well aware of this. Pride says I am holding onto my bad attitude, therefore I still have an element of control.

I can recall occasions in my life (one being just the other day) where I felt justified in showing I was not happy at having to do housework a job. It may have been a busy period at work or I may have been singled out of a group and wondered, why me? Of course, I am not pleased about this but acknowledging my shortcomings means I am on the road to working on my character.

I read books by American evangalist, Joyce Meyer. She focuses heavily on attitude and uses her own life experiences to encourage others. Joyce is direct and stands as a reminder that I can choose to have a good or bad attitude. I should not blame others for the way in which I act but take responsibility.

A good attitude stands out amongst a crowd. An individual may have great abilities, skills and expertise but without a good attitude, they will only go so far. Even when skills and experience are not up to par, a person with a good attitude and willingness will be set apart from their peers.

How do you maintain a good attitude when you are tired, under pressure or feel others are taking advantage?

Who do you look to for inspiration and encouragement?

32 thoughts on “Do you keep your attitude in check?”

  1. I think that even the best of us will have a bad attitude at times. But it is how we rebound and come out the other side that matters. We are humans who display a natural reaction to certain situations. But in the end, it is up to us to get past the obstacles we place in front of ourselves and move forward with progress.


  2. Phoenicia,
    Once again your post helps me to take stock and reflect. This has been a horrible week for many of us in the U.S., with the results of the presidential election. I have spent three days in sorrow and fear. But that is not productive. You are right: attitude is important and makes us stand out. I must pull up my socks and get to work with others who want to save our civil rights, our environment, our schools, and our standing in the world from the coming assault of the new U.S. administration.
    Dr Rin Porter


    1. Thank you Dr Rin – I hope I continue to write thought provoking articles.

      I can imagine many Americans feel bewildered after last week’s events.

      As you have stated, make a difference where you can rather than focusing on those things you have no control over.


  3. When teaching, it was essential to have a positive attitude, so the old saying of putting on a big smile was often the case and it usually worked. Mostly, hating or disliking something takes more energy. So if I don’t want to do something, I at least try to be neutral about it. Things just have to be done sometimes, so raising a fuss or letting one’s self get too stressed just makes it worse.


  4. I believe you can choose to have a positive attitude (although not always that easy) but one way I find to be positive is to verbalize everything I’m grateful for:
    “I have everything I need – I am grateful and thank God for all I have”.
    That really helps me.


  5. It reminds me of a Far Side cartoon. A guy is shoveling, toiling away in hell, but is whistling a joyful tune. There are two devils, and one says to the other “We are not getting through to this guy”
    It is easy to have a good attitude when life is good, but it is the most beneficial when life is bad. Having a good attitude, will make that bad situation less worrisome or stressful. And when you show a good attitude, it seems to spread to others.
    Thanks for sharing.


  6. We all agree, ‘The only Disability in Life is Bad a Attitude!’ I believe it’s always a positive attitude which brings positive changes in life.


  7. Beautifully said Phoenicia. I think of attitude as a filter that colors our view of the world. My attitude is normally stuck on positive, but I am human so occasionally I do get frustrated. When that happens I grab my adorable little dog Lucy (it’s impossible to look at her face and not smile!) and we head to the woods behind my home for a walk. Works every time. 🙂


  8. This post is so time appropriate for me, Phoenicia, as this morning, I had a virtual encounter with a business colleague who has a really BAD attitude. It aggravated me, as his arrogance really shone through and it made it impossible to move forward in a business relationship with this person. How did I handle it? I focused on all that is good in my life and the things for which I am truly grateful You and I must be on the same wave length, as I had written my own post about the situation before reading yours!


    1. Imagine that Doreen! As the saying goes;
      “Great minds think alike”

      We cannot control what others say and do but we have control over our words and actions. Not so easy to live out but we at least have a standard to work towards.


    1. Sabrina – I become snappy when tired and hungry. Generally I always feel tired so what does this say about me?
      I am a night owl and rarely go to bed before midnight despite the fact that I wake around 5.30am!

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  9. Oh gosh, I’m pretty darned good at complaining when I feel like it! To get myself back on track, I think of those in my life who have more difficulties to contend with and how they approach them with determination. That usually shuts me up and gets me going down the right road.


    1. Rose Mary – my husband says I am a complainer and I cannot disagree. I wear my heart on my sleeve so to speak so tend to verbalise how I am feeling. I only tend to do this with family.


  10. This is an interesting subject that my husband and I discuss frequently. It makes a difference in how you view the world and how the world views you. I try to think of what I am thankful for so I can improve my attitude when I am not feeling it.


  11. I like to think it’s easier to be happy than miserable. If you let every little thing bother you it will show up in your attitude and you won’t be happy. It’s important to look at life positively and if you have to do some things occasionally at home or work that you’d rather not do, they will be a lot easier if you accept them with a good attitude.


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