What action are you taking to achieve your goals?


Last week I posed the question;

“Are you pursuing your dreams?”

This week I feel the need to focus on how you will make your goals a reality. Clear steps need to be taken in order to meet your goals. The smallest action will bring you one step closer. One step away from where you are now. 

Having a dream and goal in mind is the easy part. Ensure they do not stay somewhere up in your head; popping out every so often to remind you, you are not where you are supposed to be. 

Take out a pen and notepad, not just a standard looking notepad but one that looks like you mean business.  Write out your goals for the next year, no more than five otherwise you will only feel overwhelmed. Think about the steps you need to take to achieve them. Do you need to pick up a qualification, sign up to a class to learn a new skill, start walking more to keep fit, read a book a week? Whatever it is you can plan for it. 

Seeing your goals on paper will suddenly make them real.  They are no longer just thoughts in your head but are in written form, clear for you to see on a daily basis. 

Before we decorated and had our wardrobe taken down and reassembled, I had my goals – long and short term hung on the inside of my wardrobe. I saw them each time I opened my wardrobe, at least twice a day.  I really must rescue the laminated sheet from an old shoebox and return it to its rightful place.

Some long term goals I have not yet achieved and of the short term, several are still outstanding. Seeing my goals served as a reminder of what I was working towards. Often the daily grind can steer you away from the bigger picture – where you actually want to be as oppose to where you are now.

Challenges you face now may be part of your character building for the future.

A quick checklist;
1. Write your goals down
2. Hang somewhere visible in your home
3. Revisit your goals in six months time
4. If necessary re-assess the time frame

How are you working towards achieving your goals?

How do you stay focused?

30 thoughts on “What action are you taking to achieve your goals?”

  1. Hello Phoenicia,
    I agree with you.
    Writing down your Goals and then planning them accordingly helps in execution of your dreams to reality.
    Great post!


  2. Great post, I love this topic and agree with your checklist.
    For me I define goals annually and indeed “”make them visible”! Then I track the progress at least on a weekly basis and review on a monthly basis.

    Great thing to do it together with a partner, so you can help each other with a progress check and motivation


    1. Kristina – thanks for your comment. My husband and I assess our goals twice a year. We put aside an evening in December to plan for the following year. We meet again in the summer to identify which goals we met and which need to be carried foward.


  3. Thx for this post, Phoenicia. It has given me the encouragement to revise the note I’d made for myself about financial goals I wish to achieve this year. I’ve added something to the mix that I hadn’t previously thought of. We need to be continually massaging or updating our goals as circumstances may change during the course of the year.


  4. I’m a BIG fan of writing down my goals! Right now I have a small “vision board” hung on the wall just above my computer so anytime I stop and look up (which I do several times a day) I see my goals for the rest of this year. I also regularly update that image as I check off things I accomplish. I always push myself to stretch a little farther than is comfortable, and I know that isn’t for everyone, but I enjoy what I do so for me just adds to the fun.


  5. I have a whiteboard in my room where I note my ‘to do lists’ , things achieved etc…It helps me to assess the crucial things.
    One bad habit I have is focusing on too many things o activities at a time..


  6. What a great idea! I seldom write down my goals or plans because it made me feel self conscious, what if I can’t reach that goal? and things rarely ever go to plan. But I understand what you are saying; writing down our goals and making plans to reach that goal can act as motivation. I will give this a try for my future goals!


  7. I also have to write them down and keep them right in front of me. Life is too easy to get distracted. Because I write in Scrivener, each night I make sure the proper project is first on the screen when I open the computer each morning. It makes sure I start out on the right track.


  8. Writing my goals down and putting them somewhere visible is very helpful to me. There really power in seeing that. That way your subconscious is working on them, even when you aren’t actively working on them.

    For me, it is extra beneficial if I put, I WILL do (fill in the blank) instead of putting I hope, or I aspire or any other kind of language. Good post!


    1. It is funny how our minds work. Visualising makes it all the more real. Also we make a personal commitment. Whether anyone else knows about my goal, I do not want to let myself down.


  9. My #1 goal these days is to overcome certain health challenges. I’ve not written steps down to achieve this goal but I have a day timer that helps keep me on track: yoga classes, swimming, appointments, etc. I also write quotes/comments to myself which I post around my work area. I do this to help keep me inspired and help me greatly.


  10. One tactic that has really helped me is the FOCUS challenges the leader of my NFAA group does every month. It stands for focus on one course until success. I am setting increasingly more time intensive writing goals, and this strategy has helped a lot. Otherwise, I will focus on too much and everything suffers for it.


    1. Spreading ourselves thinly is never the answer. I used to try to kill ten birds with one stone assuming it would make life easier. It was chaotic and I am learning to prioritise especially outside of work.


  11. What needs to be done to achieve something varies enormously. We have to adapt and do what’s necessary. Today I attended a voice coaching seminar at university in connection with rhetoric. Had missed that we were supposed to give a short presentation of ourselves. So I justt improvised and passed i.e. I did what had to be done to succeed.


    1. Flexibility is required as we just cannot do everything. There are many things I would like to do, trips I would like to take but they are not essential to my personal and career growth. I do hope to fit some fun time in though!


  12. Hi Phoencia,

    Seeing my goals on paper like you suggested has always been a help to me. I can’t do anything unless I see it on paper. It sure works so well.

    It starts becoming real…like a blue print of a building. Once it is on paper, it is off my mind and I can think clear. Then and only then, can I take action.

    Great advice!



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