What action are you taking to achieve your goals?


Last week I posed the question;

“Are you pursuing your dreams?”

This week I feel the need to focus on how you will make your goals a reality. Clear steps need to be taken in order to meet your goals. The smallest action will bring you one step closer. One step away from where you are now. 

Having a dream and goal in mind is the easy part. Ensure they do not stay somewhere up in your head; popping out every so often to remind you, you are not where you are supposed to be. 

Take out a pen and notepad, not just a standard looking notepad but one that looks like you mean business.  Write out your goals for the next year, no more than five otherwise you will only feel overwhelmed. Think about the steps you need to take to achieve them. Do you need to pick up a qualification, sign up to a class to learn a new skill, start walking more to keep fit, read a book a week? Whatever it is you can plan for it. 

Seeing your goals on paper will suddenly make them real.  They are no longer just thoughts in your head but are in written form, clear for you to see on a daily basis. 

Before we decorated and had our wardrobe taken down and reassembled, I had my goals – long and short term hung on the inside of my wardrobe. I saw them each time I opened my wardrobe, at least twice a day.  I really must rescue the laminated sheet from an old shoebox and return it to its rightful place.

Some long term goals I have not yet achieved and of the short term, several are still outstanding. Seeing my goals served as a reminder of what I was working towards. Often the daily grind can steer you away from the bigger picture – where you actually want to be as oppose to where you are now.

Challenges you face now may be part of your character building for the future.

A quick checklist;
1. Write your goals down
2. Hang somewhere visible in your home
3. Revisit your goals in six months time
4. If necessary re-assess the time frame

How are you working towards achieving your goals?

How do you stay focused?