Are you pursuing your dreams?


The late Olympian, Jesse Owens quoted;

“We all have dreams. But in order to turn dreams into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort.”

Dreaming alone is simply not enough. Action is most certainly required in order for us to see our dreams turn into reality. What we do today contributes to our life tomorrow. What we say today contributes to our life tomorrow. 

I would like to think we all have dreams (or goals if you prefer), big dreams, the kind that scare us if we give them too much thought.

Dreams are supposed to be big and out of this world. If we could pluck them out of the clouds this would then make them easily attainable.  

Our dreams ensure we continue to plough forward, despite the challenges.  They are what we reach out to even when they feel a million miles away. Take the stars in the sky; billions of miles away yet when we stand in the dark of night, we look up and feel we could somehow grab at them.  

Dreams give us hope that those things we desire; however big or small will someday be ours. Though our dreams may seem far off, the small steps we take today mean we grow closer each day.

One man’s dream may well appear ordinary to another man but it is valid and relevant to them.  

I would like to own a horse at some point in my life. To me they are the most beautiful animals on this earth. Surprisingly I am not too hot on cleaning out the stables but would happily ride the horse on a daily basis. Now, to own a horse on your own grounds you need ample land which there is not much of here in the UK as compared to say, America. I would not say no to land, my family and I could run a farm – no pigs allowed!

Do you have defined dreams or goals?

How are you working towards meeting them? 

What obstacles have you faced along the way?

20 thoughts on “Are you pursuing your dreams?”

  1. Phoenicia I have dreams and I am working on it to achieve them and bring them in reality. It’s has been a difficult journey but has a beauty of its own!


  2. You hit the nail on the head in your post. Many people do have dreams, but, are unwilling to work hard for it. I would also add, it takes a lot of luck too. No matter how hard you work for something, sometimes, the stars have to align for it to come to fruition.
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Most people I know have dreams, thank goodness! Wouldn’t we be boring without them? I dream of being a published novelist and essayist. Do I want to have anything to do with the marketing? Nah, let me clean out the stables for you!

    Self-down talk is always my worst hindrance. When it starts to speak up, I give it a good slap and get back to work! My Dad was a big believer in his kids being able to do anything they decided to do. I wish he were here to celebrate my blog because he would be doing it with great gusto!

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    1. Dreaming is one thing, working towards your dream is another! I think fear of not living out one’s dream may hinder someone from stepping into it.

      What a proud father you must have had. One willing to boast of his children.


  4. Oh that’s a lovely dream Phoenicia and I also love horses. When I was in my late teens my best friend’s family owned a riding stable at the gateway to a national park in CA and I used to drive up there every weekend and we’d go riding in the park – awesome!!!

    And, oh yes, I have dreams. though at the moment, I’m more focused on the short-term variety that involves furnishing my new home. Leaving all my old stuff behind when I moved sounded like such a great idea and I don’t regret it, but it is a LOT of work to start over – fun – but lots of decisions! 🙂


  5. I have some vague dreams and other more concrete ones. Putting things in perspective can be hard. I’ve recently realized I’ve focused more on making progress over personal growth, so now I am seeking to accomplish my dreams in ways that foster personal growth and not just checking items off a list.


    1. Personal growth can be overlooked but developing in this area may well open doors in other areas. Our characters and life experiences are part of us and influence the way in which we act.


  6. My biggest obstacle is discouraging self-talk that it’s sometimes too easy for me to slip into. During those spells, I have to be vigilant. I look at affirmative messages that I’ve written out and posted around my work space. Plus I need to engage in mindful breathing and a walk around the block too.


    1. We can be our worst enemies. We can talk ourselves out of moving into newness for fear of failure or entering in the unknown. I post words of affirmation on the inside of my wardrobes, I read/listen to the bible daily. This helps to build me up in times of challenges.


  7. Phoenicia,
    I would love to see you become a farmer! I’m sure you would be good at it. There is plenty of land in Canada, as well as in the U.S. You could find a farm for your family in either place. I too have always wanted to own a horse, but caring for it would be difficult, especially in the winter. Maybe someday I’ll have the opportunity to “rent” one, where I get to ride it but someone else does the clean-up.

    Dr Rin


    1. Really?! I bet you did not expect that!

      I would be quite happy for someone else, anyone else to clean the stables.

      Canada is truly beautiful but the winters are soooo cold! A friend sent photographs of deers in the snow near her family home – such a pretty picture.


  8. Hi Phoenicia. I do indeed have dreams/goals. My primary goal is to become a financially viable business so that I could publish my books and travel without concern for financing. I am certainly working toward that goal, but it has not been easy.

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