Be True to Yourself


To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you be something else is the greatest accomplishment.
Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson

We live in a world that has an ideal of how men and women should appear physically, behave and think.  

You only have to look in women’s magazines to see the many adverts for perfume, hair and face products. The magazines aimed at teens and the early twenties age group have countless articles on how to be fun, appealing to boys/men, the best ever forever friend. Seven years ago I made a decision to stop buying magazines. Firstly because they were costing me a fortune, secondly I was shocked at the number of adverts and thirdly I always felt a little discontent after reading them. They made me question my life and ponder on what I did not have.

Magazines for men do not fall too far behind. We are raising a generation of men who spend just as much time preening themselves in the mirror as much as the average woman.

Extroverts are more likely to be embraced than introverts whether in an organisation or amongst peer groups. This then puts pressure on the natural introverts who try to “come out of themselves” for fear of being overlooked.

As a child, I was more than happy reading a book in the corner until friends and family began questioning why I was so quiet. I suddenly felt my character was somehow wrong and I needed to change in order to be accepted.  

We all conform to a certain extent. Even those who wear extreme clothes,”out there” piercings and make up gravitate to a particular group who dress this way.  

Being comfortable in your own skin means you are more likely to come across as authentic, you will do what you do best in the way you know how. We are unique and should allow that special part of our character to shine.  The world may not understand it but this is no reason to hide it. It is part of you. 

How true are you?? 

Are you content with being yourself?

30 thoughts on “Be True to Yourself”

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  2. I am true to myself, it’s difficult to. I have faced criticism for few decisions I have taken and my choices but I believe in myself and do not need acceptance from others for the same.


  3. Love this topic. I think it is so much more difficult for introvert children to be themselves. We live in a society that teaches us that we should be extroverts. And yes, magazines give us even more distorted information about who we should be and how we should live. I stopped ready glamour magazines in my early 20s. I got sick of every magazine cover saying something like “Give him the big O tonight.” I started thinking that these magazines were telling us that our value as women depended on our ability to sexually please our man which just seemed wrong to me.


    1. Magazines play on our insecurities and it works the majority of the time. There is a pressure to have ticked off a zillion things you have done by the age of 29. Totally unrealistic but does not stop people trying.


  4. Phoenicia — love this post because it isn’t always easy to be true to yourself — maybe you have a job you hate but you need the money for your family. I think being true to yourself certainly applies to your ethical behavior. You’ve got to be true to your own values and not worry what other people think.


  5. Being totally true to yourself is difficult. Even though we don’t feel we do, it is true that we adapt to meet the situation, even if only in small ways. I act different when with family then I do with friends or strangers – not sure if that is a bad thing.


  6. I am true to myself. Haved lived, and live my life, the way I want not the way society belives my life should be. Was an editor of a business magazine at the age of 25, have lived, worked and integrated in 12 countries all over the world. What I should have done according to stereotypes is stay in Sweden, get married, have children and by now I would be the CEO of a company or high up in academia. Instead I study at university again and teach. My life has been more intesting than the vast majority of people will never experience. Like reading a bestseller. If I had not been true to myself my life would have been as exciting and my knowledge, experience and enlightment would have been much lower.


  7. I was talking about this to my friend. It’s important for us to stop judging ourselves for not being what society says we should be. We are individuals and we shouldn’t have to fit into the mold. Ralph Waldo Emerson has it right. Thanks for being yourself and writing this post. =)


    1. You are welcome Sabrina. As a teen I so wanted to fit in but never did. Thankfully I maintained my dignity by not forcing myself on others. I accepted I would be slightly on the edge and misunderstood.


  8. The cheap self-improvement mags start when you’re a pre-teen and keep going on as you get older. In the U.S., these are commonly sold at the checkout counter of grocery and department stores. Whenever I’m waiting on line behind someone and I see them pick one up, I feel like telling them to discard that trash. Your headline says it all.


    1. Those teen mags have a lot of influence on teenagers. Probably more so now than when I was at school. They make teens question their life when they were quite happy with it beforehand. I have never looked back since I stopped reading women’s magazines.


  9. It’s important to learn to be content with one’s self, but it’s also important not to become stagnant since we are continually becoming a new person. I’ve realized there are times I went to long without feeling like I was growing, and I don’t want to feel that way again if I can help it. We must measure up under our own standards and learn to see through some of the impossible standards the media portrays.


    1. As with everything there should be a balance. One should have a level of contentment at where they currently are whilst striving for more. There is such a thin line between contentment and more.


  10. Truer than true my friend! Seriously, well said Phoenicia. This is one of my favorite topics and something I harp, oops, I mean encourage on a regular basis.


  11. I always like the phrase be yourself, otherwise you have no idea who you are.
    We must be who we are, this is a gift we are given when we are born, and the only gift we carry throughout our lives. If anything, make sure it is your name, that goes on your tombstone.
    Thanks for sharing.


  12. I am truly content with what and how I am! Many-a-times i have been advised by the extrovert gang on how I should change my introversion. But I never listened to them. Introversion has helped me in a number of ways.
    Thanks for writing this, Phoenicia


  13. One of the advantages of getting older is becoming more content with oneself. It is always great to meet younger people who are truly comfortable in their own skin. Unfortunately, it is too rare an occurrence.


  14. I completely, completely agree with this. Being who you are without needing the acceptance of others should be something that people do naturally, however, sadly this is not the case due to the expectations placed upon both men and women. I think that I am quite content and comfortable being who I am without worrying about what other people think and only surround myself with people who accept me for who I am so I am quite fortunate in that sense.

    Emily |


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