Stop worry and anxiety in its tracks


I have a slightly different focus on my blog this week.  I felt a strong urge to touch on worrying and anxiety, something we have all faced at one stage in our lives. Some suffer from it far more than others – the reasons for this I do not know. 

Worrying does not add anything to our life yet so many of us partake in this. Perhaps it is a habit that needs to be “unlearned”. We have spent the best part of our lives leaning on worry knowing it brings no real benefit at all. 

Worrying leads to anxiety which opens all sorts of doors that we may struggle to close. A few that come to mind are depression and self doubt. Over analysing soon follows. At first you may link being analytical to being reflective when in fact you are breaking down every conversation, every action and reliving it wondering what you could have said and done differently. You then become critical of yourself and go over the scenario again and again as if you can somehow give it a different ending. I have been there and bought the t-shirt!

You notice your reaction when in situations and the triggers but have difficulty in stopping the behaviours. 

You may be thinking how do I just stop worrying, surely it will take months, even years to train my brain to think differently and react more positively when situations arise that challenge me? Of course, it will not happen overnight.

Reading the bible and praying gives me peace and hope when I am feeling downcast. Also remembering that everyone has some form of load to carry helps to put life into perspective for me. We are moved by those things that affect us. I cannot minimise what another person faces however trivial it may appear to me.

Are you relating your current situation to a painful past experience?

Are you living with regret?

Are you carrying guilt or shame?

You must first acknowledge your emotions then seek to pinpoint the root before you can overcome them.

How do you deal with anxiety?