The art of organising family days out!


As we are in the height of summer I thought it would be useful to give some tips on organising family days out. Whether you do not have children, have little ones or yours have flown the nest; you may pick up one or two pointers which will make planning in the future easier. 

My two children are still young so rely on my husband and me for entertainment. How fortunate are we? My daughter would go out every single day of the school holidays if she had her way – she has little concept of time or money.  To balance the days out (and because we are full-time working parents), we plan days out every other day. This way they have one day to relax at home and the following day we go out.

I have to admit, I get as excited about day trips as my children, especially when we are travelling a relatively far distance from home. I am a born explorer and thrive on being in new environments!

My five tips for organising day trips;

1. Identify your budget. What exactly do you have to spend on a short break/day trips for the month? Be realistic and give yourself enough room to live comfortably day to day. 

2. Identify the places you would most like to visit. Involve the family whether that be your children or other extended family members. 

3. Check the weather (applies to those in the UK) before assigning trips to specific days. It is probably obvious but we go to the beach/theme parks on the warmest days and museums/cinema on the coolest days.

4. As well as entry fees if applicable, consider lunch expenditure whether bringing a picnic or eating out, money for ice-cream, drinks and souvenirs.

5. Go with great expectations and be flexible. The day may not go exactly as planned but enjoy it anyway. Cherish the time spent with those you love. 

Do you arduously plan family days out in advance or are you more of a spur of the moment person?