The balancing act of life

Life really can be one big balancing act. I find as priorities change, one must take time out to re-evaluate. What matters today may not be high priority in a year’s time. Even when we think our days are pretty much the same, the world is constantly moving forward. 

There will always be something or someone to take up our time. It is down to us to decide what is most important. With all the best intentions in the world we could never meet the needs of everyone. Therefore we need to be realistic with what we can truly take on. It is far better to say no from the onset than to reluctantly say yes and be half in and half out. People will actually respect you for being upfront.

When I started my blog (almost three years ago), I began to network via Facebook and LinkedIn and I joined twitter much later.  I was determined to “put myself out there”. I joined only a few forums as I felt it was best to wade in slowly. I found twitter overwhelming to say the least and felt a little like a fish out of water.  I found many bloggers and entrepreneurs tweet almost every ten minutes. I knew I could not commit to this and quite frankly did not wish to. I worried I would fail to connect with others and my blog would suffer as a result.

A few years on and my blog is still going strong. I do not have 1000 followers – yet! However, I enjoy sharing my ideas and learning from other bloggers.  Yes, I want my blog to succeed but I also need to make time to pray, read the word, spend time with my family, serve in church ministry AND hold down a demanding full-time job. It is possible to bring balance in our lives. It will mean saying no and regularly identifying what is essential and what can be left whether indefinitely or for a period of time. 

Do you feel you are constantly juggling one task after another or do you put measures in place to bring about a nice balance?