Do you enjoy “the” moment?

Group of multi racial people jumping in the City
Group of multi racial people jumping in the City

Hermann J Steinherr quoted:

“Life is to live, so enjoy every moment it offers us.”

Moments are with us but for seconds and minutes. If we do not enjoy or appreciate them the first time round – there is no second chance.

Often, I can become caught up in the organising of an occasion, forgetting I should also be enjoying myself. Organising is great but there has to be a time in which one switches off.  I am not the solution to everything, nor should I want to be. It is too much of a responsibility! 

Sometimes the mishaps of a day out or occasion can actually help one to remember the day. How many people do you know who roar with laughter about funny events which took place years ago?  I can think of several which my family bring up from time to time. Life is short and to be honest there are often quick solutions when things do not go to plan. 

I recall my wedding 11 years ago (how time flies);  a few day guests left their seats and an evening guest sat in what they thought was a spare seat. I beckoned over one of the co-ordinators and asked them to deal with the issue. What was the worst that could have happened? It really was not that big a deal but I wanted my wedding day to run as smoothly as possible.  There were several other mishaps which guests would not have even noticed. Of course, I will be keeping these to myself! 

I have found when we are focused on the process rather than the person – we miss it.  My husband always reminds me that people matter far more than anything.  Take my children for example; when they spill a drink either on the kitchen floor or themselves, my first thought is “Look at the mess I now have to clean up”. 

I may will tell them off which only makes them feel bad. Cleaning up the mess/changing their clothes is easily rectified whereas restoring a strained relationship is not.

Are you thankful for each moment in your life? If not for the event itself then perhaps for the lessons learnt.

How do you stop taking life for granted?

24 thoughts on “Do you enjoy “the” moment?”

  1. I try mostly to enjoy the moment. As day by day we move ahead in life whatever happens living the moment is what drives us to march ahead in life.


  2. Life is nothing but one moment after another.
    As you stated, we need to look at the big picture, forget the minor details. If things go wrong, the sun will come up tomorrow; If it doesn’t then it gives us a chance to sleep in.


  3. I know some parents who are so caught up in the material, that they forget that their kids will only be kids for a short period of time. They are so busy making money, working overtime and trying to provide. And that is so important. But the quality time you spend with your children is what they’ll remember. And when I think of my childhood, those mishaps definitely do stick out. They are funny in retrospect.


    1. I look at my children now and know in ten years time they will be more interested in hanging out with their friends. They will still need me but I will no longer be their world. This puts it all in perspective.


  4. Paraphrasing one of my favorite authors: Anne Morrow Lindbergh, “Surrender yourself to the moments as they pass and you more richly live those moments.”
    Since I read that over a decade ago, it has helped remind me to slow down and BE in the moment.
    Of course, my warp-mind tends to get ahead every so often. A lot.
    So I think of Anne and slow down again.


  5. I was just talking to a friend this weekend about each of us doing better to make the most of things. Too often we focus on what isn’t going right, rather than on what is going well or the things we can actually change. Most days, I do well on that front, but it’s a constant process to try to be more in the moment.


  6. I’m afraid that for many people the smart phone in their pocket or purse becomes the enemy of living in the moment. How much do we miss because the phone rings, because of a notification beep or because we are trying to take a picture.


  7. Yes I am thankful to each and everything that has happened in my life so far. No matter what comes, we should always be grateful to god for this life.

    Keep writing such positive pieces and keep enjoying every moment of your life.
    Thank you


  8. Great topic! I’m not sure it’s possible to be thankful for every moment, but I do believe we can improve the odds by becoming more mindful of our experiences by slowing down and taking just a few seconds to think before we react.


  9. In our busy lives, we often think so much about what we need to do next, where we need to be next and all that needs to be done that we forget to focus on the moment and enjoy it. Children are often great at pointing out the little delights in life. At a particularly busy and stressful time in my life tai chi helped me to be more in the moment wherever I was. And my mother-in-law’s Alzheimer was another lesson in enjoying the moment. Her memory was so short, but she could be happy in the current instant.


  10. Great post. I like what your husband says, “people are more important.” I make it a point to spend time with my husband and kids on a daily basis. It could be just sitting down and eating a snack or dinner, or going out for a walk. It’s a great reminder to enjoy the people around you. Thanks for sharing.


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