It is all in the bag!

Ladies, if I were to take a look in your handbag what would I find; make up, body freshener, comb and brush, keys, travel pass, mints, snacks, hand cream, diary and not forgetting your mobile phone?

Generally women carry the world and its friend in their handbag. It is our safety net, we can turn to it in emergencies. I cannot imagine going anywhere without a handbag – I would feel lost. I wonder how men cope with just slipping their wallet and mobile in their pocket and going on their way. Are they not worried an item may slip out? This has happened to my husband but we will not go there today!

I have all the above mentioned in my handbag which is sturdy enough to accommodate my “must haves”. When we are out and about my husband will often slip his wallet in my handbag. On Sundays when we are leaving church both my husband and daughter’s bibles find their way into my bag. I have come to the conclusion that they walk in of their own accord! 

I own several large tote bags which are perfect for work. They have various sections (as bags do), one stores my travel pass, another my concealer, lip gloss, Vaseline, hand gel and cream and the third my work passes. When rushing I can grab what I need with my eyes closed as every item has its rightful place. It is important to maintain a level of order in your bag.

I own several cross over bags for the weekend, one of which I bought in Marrakech, Morocco. I recall spending what seemed like half a day bargaining with this young man whose intention was to get as much money as he could out of me. In the end I walked away loudly stating I would buy from another vendor and bingo – the price came down! 

My daughter is a lover of bags and carries one wherever we go. It has lip balm, hairbands, pencils and paper in it which of course spill out into the car. I guess she wants to be like mummy!

Ladies – do you have a love for pretty bags or do you place your belongings in the nearest holder?

Men – do you feel your wife/partner carries far too many belongings?

28 thoughts on “It is all in the bag!”

  1. I just recently thought of replacing my large totes with small bags when a coworker asked me for a deodorant and I was able to find a large size Secrets in my bag. I carry around the world. Lol!


  2. I hv my world inside my bag.. I feel lost and nervous without them. I feel I might need anything anytime being a frequent traveler.. I also hv a thing fr bags and shoes. Wenever I visit a new place I search a new purse or tote as a souvenir. But I do find myself stuffed with wallets and shades by men when in an amusement/theme park -they hv to purposely lose it, sumhow my guy frens think my purse to b more a safe haven than others, it’s not even organized. I do organize it but it ends up back to being messy.


  3. What would we do without our handbags? I do believe an ideal one should have compartments but this still doesn’t stop me from overloading it sometimes.

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  4. Cannot really comment too much about handbags, so I will adjust the conversation to something else. This reminds me of my large bags I take with me when I wrestle. I need to get everything in there, also everything must be in the same place each time. This keeps me organized so I can find it. Such as my leg braces or a tube of superglue. Superglue is used by wrestlers to seal cuts we might get during the match, instead of getting stiches.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.


  5. I had fun itemizing the things in my tiny purse when I read this post on Facebook. My purse has always been on small side since I gave up carrying fringed leather and macrame ones in high school. These days that keeps my husband from dumping anything in it!

    All that said, when I worked in an office, I carried a tote large enough for my computer, a pair of shoes and my lunch–a woman’s essentials. Fun post.


  6. Every day I use a large shoulder bag that works privately as well as for business. It used to be a fantastic one in crocodile but when I lived in Riyadh it dried in the desert heat so I bought a Luis Vuitton one. Use those shoulder bags until they fall apart and then I get a new one. Honestly believe it’s a habit I will never grow out of.


  7. I came to carrying a purse rather late in life, and I currently have only one that I only keep the barest of necessities in. My mom on the other hand has tons of bags and changes them out on a regular basis. I’ll use mine until it falls apart 😉


  8. I started carry a purse when I was 11. It made me feel so adult.

    For quite a while, I had a tiny purse. It only fit my wallet, keys and cellphone and not much else. Well, everyone kept campaigning for me to get a bigger purse. They were worried about me. Well, now I have a big purse and I have a crazy amount of stuff in there. I often think wistfully of the smaller purse. Less room = less opportunity to cart around your entire closet. You can’t carry it when there’s no room. Now I just put stuff in and forget it’s there. Oh, well.


    1. Erica – as you mentioned, the bigger the bag, the more items you will place within it. When are out with the children, I also carry another bag for my toddler; nappies, wipes, change of clothes…….


  9. My current bag is not much bigger than the wallet in your photo above. That is about to change. I’m going to be traveling soon and I’m hunting for that perfect bag – not too big, not too heavy – just the right size strap, etc., etc. It’s times like this when living on a 500 sq mile island really sucks. 🙂


  10. Phoenicia — I long ago gave up trying to carry a small bag, even for evening events, so most of my pocketbooks are pretty sizable. I put my small items — hand sanitizer, measuring tape (always need in stores), etc. — in a small pouch within my bag so they don’t fall to the bottom and make a mess.


  11. The things you mentioned only make up a small portion of what my wife carries around with her. I refer to her bag as the black hole because there’s so much stuff in there she can never find what she’s looking for.

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  12. As a mother, I do carry items like tissues, and other things just in case my children need anything. As the kids got older, my purse got smaller. Now I only carry the essentials and that works fine for me. I have been getting rid of purses that I haven’t used in years. I don’t buy a new purse each year but when I do, I always go through and get rid of at least one. It keeps my storage space under control. Thanks for sharing.


  13. Hi Phoenicia. I switched to a much smaller handbag a couple of years ago and love it! I used to carry way too much stuff in a larger purse and found I would get a sore shoulder due to bearing that weight. Carrying a smaller purse means that I choose more carefully what goes into the purse. when I need a larger bag, I will either switch to larger purse for that day, or when travelling, sometimes put my small purse into a larger day bag that hangs on my shoulder. My days of carrying a large purse are definitely over.


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