Is your wardrobe summer ready?


Summer is here – well almost! I just love seeing the blue skies and walking on a crisp sunny day.

How prepared is your wardrobe? 

You can usually find at least one person within a family or group of friends with a wardrobe stacked full of clothes, so much so they cannot see the wood for the trees.  If you cannot think of anyone, it is probably you!

As a way of alleviating space in my wardrobe, I rotate my clothes every six months or so. As winter approaches, I pack my summer clothes and shoes in the loft. I do the same with my winter clothes as summer approaches. This allows my clothes to breathe and for me to identify exactly what I own and where the gaps in my wardrobe are.

I also use the opportunity to discard of any items I no longer like, those which look worn or do not fit as well as they previously did. Now is not the time to become sentimental. If you have not worn an item in six months, it is unlikely you will again unless it is an outfit for a special occasion.

Choose a morning or afternoon to go through your wardrobe. Play some music in the background to keep you motivated. Sort clothes into three piles;

1. Keep – must have clothes that are in good condition and fit well

2. May keep – clothes that fit well but you do not wear often

3. Throw – clothes which do not fit well, look tatty, you have not worn in over six months

I suggest buying plastic vacuum storage bags which eliminate air, resulting in clothes taking up half the room than usual. Place bags in your loft or perhaps your garage or other storage place.

One word of advice; do not pack seasonal clothes away until you are 100% sure the climate has changed. I have been caught out on several occasions. One year there were a few (fluke) sunny days so I hastily packed away my winter boots. As the temperature dropped I sheepishly asked my husband to retrieve my boots from the loft!

Do you have a process for sorting your summer and winter clothes?

20 thoughts on “Is your wardrobe summer ready?”

  1. Pack rat (and closet sentimentalist) that I am, I would argue that you shouldn’t throw out *all* your tatty clothes: if there are days during which you don’t go out at all – you’re home all day doing chores or whatever – then you should wear such clothes so as to enable your good clothes to last longer. On the other hand, if money is no issue for you…


  2. My closet is quite tidy and sparse. I have one drawer with sweaters in it, but otherwise all of my clothes for any season fit in my closet quite well. My oldest sister is an entirely different story. Her closet is full of her clothes as well as the other two extra closets in her house.


  3. Good tips.
    The vacuum bags can be a life saver. I also liked that you mentioned about making sure the weather has changed first.
    Up here, there is nothing worse then wearing a thin spring outfit, to find out it snowed the night before.


    1. William – I have been caught out on a number of occasions. No excuse really as I can check the weather even ten days in advance using my mobile phone. I think I decide I would like the weather to be warm and dress accordingly!


  4. I guess I got lucky on this one. Where I live, there is only about a 10 degree difference between summer and winter. so basically, I wear many of my clothes all year round. However, I do still have to go through my wardrobe from time to time and discard what I’m no longer using. And you’re right. It is difficult to keep from being sentimental, but sometimes things just need to go!


    1. Erica – am I right in assuming you only experience mild temperatures? Here in the UK the weather changes from day to day. For example yesterday was sweltering and today is extremely cool.

      I have kept a few dresses from my teenage years. A little something to show my grandchildren in years to come;

      “Yes, grandma did wear this – I was young once!”


  5. Great suggestions! Have a lot of space for my clothes so it’s easy for me. Personally have a lot of top quality classical designer clothes, shoes, handbags and so forth. They last a life time. So all I do is buy t-shirts, leggings and other minor items that can be combined with my basic line of clothes. A cheap t-shirt looks great with a Valentino jacket. When the t-shirts and leggings are finished I throw them away but my designer clothes keep on going strong. Most of them I bought on Sloane Street or Bond Street and even if they are 25 years old they still look great and are in fashion.


    1. You definitely strike me as a classic lady. I like to change up my look but gravitate towards classics rather than high end fashion. I can wear them from year to year!


  6. Now that I’m retired I don’t bother changing my clothes with the seasons, other than coats. Winter coats take up a lot of room so I’m always happy to send them to the winter storage closet. Other than that, things pretty well stay the same.


  7. Ken’s right–my husband doesn’t begin to understand the ritual of the wardrobe change! Ha. I pretty much follow your process, Phoenicia, except…I forget to play music! That’s a wonderful way to make this chore a bit more fun.
    Last week I gave a favorite suit to a dear friend of mine. It was hanging in the closet, unworn for a few years. Thankfully, it’s a classic style and she’s able to put it to good use! Otherwise, business clothes get donated to the church who provides them to a mission helping people get attired for jobs.


  8. Great tips! I do the same thing. I tend to get rid of the items before I buy new ones and then I get stuck because I don’t have enough clothes. Oh well, I don’t go out a lot. I work from home most of the time. 🙂


  9. The only things that I rotate seasonally are coats, which I do to maintain space in our coat closet. I don’t think the changeover is quite as significant for most men. For me, summer means swapping out long pants for shorts and stripping off all the outer layers I wore during the winter.


  10. Excellent tips, especially the one about making sure of the seasonal change before packing away clothes. Our weather just made a major shift back toward winter with a temperature dip and cold rain so I had to dig out a few warm things just to get through the chilly night.

    Otherwise, our weather in the Islands is pretty temperate and most people dress in summer attire year-round so we don’t really have much to deal with in terms of seasonal changes of clothing. Sometimes I miss that, most mostly not.


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