How much do you value your time?

How often have you heard someone make the following statement;

“Well, that was two hours of my life I will not get back”.

Frustration comes into play as they realise they could have spent this time doing something far more worthwhile. Something that actually warranted two hours of their time. 

The saying “time is precious” holds true. Time is valuable as you cannot claim it back. People, especially children demand your time and it is your decision as to how you spend it and who you spend it with. My children like to have my undivided attention and this is regardless of what plans I may have! My daughter knows when I am not completely focusing on her – I think she has a hidden radar! 

In order to spend time with my family whether going on day trips, cooking, watching DVD’S; I cram household tasks in the morning. This means I wake early whilst they are still asleep. It is surprising how much you can do in an hour once you have no distractions. My husband does his share of housework at times which suit him.

I have considered hiring a cleaner as this will free up the hours we spend cleaning.  If I had my way, we would also pay someone to iron as I am not a huge fan.  I deliberately buy clothes that will need minimum or no ironing – for this reason I avoid shirts! 

I am a great believer in outsourcing where you can, in order to save your time.  If you own a business, why not hire an accountant? If you and your spouse work long hours, why not hire a nanny? If you are busy as a family, why not hire someone to clean and iron so you can spend the weekends doing activities you all enjoy? Of course, your household financial budget must be taken into consideration before you make any long term commitments. 

Do you outsource? What difference has this made to your life?

Do you prefer to carry out tasks yourself?  

30 thoughts on “How much do you value your time?”

  1. Great Post Phoenicia, my take is that if you can afford it, why not? Outsourcing is money! My sister recently hired a cleaner that comes to the house to clean 2 times a week and according to her – it’s the best decision she’s ever made lol! She said, it’s a big relief!


  2. Excepting work on my blogs, which I insist on having total control over, I’d outsource pretty much everything if I could afford it (which I can’t). That said, I do have a couple of specialized items on my outsourcing wish-list: it’d be great to have
    (1) a tree maintainer who could keep the trees on our property in good shape and
    (2) an appliance maintainer who could fix up the many busted appliances we have lying around.


  3. Time and tide wait for no man. I remember hearing this saying, and how important it is.
    It is the little things you mention that takes up our time. I do think sometimes, it is these little things that make the time worth while. I know I feel some satisfaction when I do get the laundry done, or the house completely cleaned.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.


  4. Yes time is something which keeps going no matter how hard we try to plan things. Days rolls in to tears in what it seems in a blink of an eye…

    We do have a good lady in our home who does the household chores as it allows us to spend much time doing things we love in the house.

    Thank you


  5. I do outsource the mowing of my lawn. That was the one task I really had zero desire to do after I got divorced. I like yard work, but not mowing in 100 degree weather. I also have someone do my taxes. When funds have allowed, I’ve used a website designer but those times are far and few between. I think it’s really important for many writers especially to realize some tasks are best outsourced. Time really is precious and experts can do what we can’t much more efficiently and more professionally.


  6. As I grow older, I begin to feel more and more that time is precious and every minute should be valued. At the same time, I am not too keen on strangers coming on my house to do cleaning etc. So like you, I try and do that early mornings on weekends when the kids have a lie in. As long as downstairs is clean – I don’t panic about the upstairs!! I do employ a gardener and handyman to make sure our garden looks fine and any odd repairs are taken care of.


  7. I value my time a LOT. As a writer, I definitely fall into the category where time is money. As a matter of fact just this morning I had to decide whether to invest a half a day to drive to the other side of the island to save some money on a product, or just order it online and pay the shipping cost. I opted to pay the shipping cost. 🙂


  8. I think outsourcing can be such a great tool. There gets to be a point where you just can’t do it all. I so look forward to the day when I can get someone to come in and clean my house. With everything else I do during the day, that is that one that is probably least worth my time from a financial perspective.


  9. I was raised in an atmosphere in which you did everything yourself. Part of that was because when I was young my family didn’t have much money. Some of that carried over. I remember having an apartment in my 20’s where I had the parts of the washing machine laying on the floor for a about a month because I insisted on trying to fiix it myself. Eventually I got over trying to do things like that, but I still tend to only outsource things that I can’t do.


  10. I’ve found I’m more cognizant of my time since being unemployed and concentrating on my writing. I use an app (hourstracker) to log my activities. It’s proven very valuable for making sure my “wasted that time” moments have become fewer. Wish I could hire someone to do social media for me. I like reading/sharing others’ blogs, but doing my own is work!


  11. Yes, I value my time highly and for most of my life I have had maids. But the most important aspect is that I have always hired staff that were better than I am at various tasks, such as accounting. It’s much more profitable for a /my company that I do what I am good at. Mind you it’s impossible for any human being to avoid wasting time, above all on bureaucrats. You can’t avoid people like the tax authorities. Or you do it at your peril.


    1. Maids – now that is a privileged lifestyle!

      I like your idea of delegating to people that can carry out the task far better than you. You will have complete confidence in them.


  12. Hi Phoenicia. Great post! I outsource as much of my work as I can afford to do. Like you, I get up as early as I can to attend to my blogging and social media platforms. It is so true that we all seem to be so busy in today’s world. I can see why some people decide to unplug and move off the grid. Sometimes … I am tempted to do so!


    1. Years ago, there was time to shut off and “go quiet”. Now, people are virtually contactable 24 hours a day. I am doing my upmost to only check social media at specific time slots during the day.


  13. When I was working full-time outside the home I hired a house cleaner so my time at home was for myself and my family. There are other areas I outsource now. Some of it is about time, some is about getting better expertise – financial, taxes, insurance. I’ve spent a good part of my adult life trying to juggle and make the most of my time. I remember an exercise I once did in a leadership course. We were to make two pie charts – one rating the things we did by importance, the other rating them by the amount of time we spent on them. This pointed out where our time wasn’t matching our priorities. Variations of this can be good exercises to look at in our lives overall. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve also come to appreciate the need and benefits of allowing time to “do nothing”.


  14. Great post! It’s so appropriate for today. I spend the day doing taxes. 8 hours. Yes, I know it’s not a waste of time but it sure does feel like it. The sad thing is that I looked for an accountant. But didn’t find one that was as detailed as they should be. 😦 tip: If you do outsource be sure that the person can do the job better than you can. Thanks for sharing!

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