Saint Valentine’s Day – Yay or Nay?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

At this time of year businesses such as restaurants, hotels, florists and jewellers benefit greatly from Saint Valentine’s Day. Men wander into stores to buy gifts for their spouses/partners in the hope that this will convey just how much they care for them. 

Restaurants create Valentine’s Day menus with a small token thrown in such as a glass of wine on entry or a flower for the lady. Florists dress their shop windows. My local florist has love hearts on the window, teddy bears in baskets at the front and beautiful flower displays that would lure even those of us who are not taken by flowers. I cannot be certain, but I am sure the number of proposals substantially increase in the month of January. With this year being a leap year, this number may well be on the up in 2016!

On years gone by I hand made Saint Valentine’s Day cards for my mother who was single at the time. I wanted her to feel special and acknowledged despite the fact that she was not in a relationship. I was only a young teenager at the time but she certainly appreciated the gesture.  

I have always been intrigued as to how Saint Valentine’s Day came about. I read on Wikipedia that Saint Valentine’s Day was a liturgical celebration of one or more early Christians. The day was fast associated with romantic love in the era of Geoffrey Chaucer in 18th century England. It evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting confectionery and sending greeting cards.

Do you see Saint Valentine’s Day as just another ordinary day and allow it to pass you by? 

Or do you fully participate in the day?

24 thoughts on “Saint Valentine’s Day – Yay or Nay?”

  1. It’s commercialized as are all holidays, yet it’s still nice to have a day to focus on romance. As with my birthday, my boyfriend once again made cheese and chocolate fondue. We didn’t have an indoor picnic this time, but he’s definitely one of the most romantic people I’ve ever met. He says he’s not, and then he does all this wonderful things 😉


    1. It is extremely commercialised. Yes, your boyfriend sounds like a true romantic! An indoor picnic – my mind is wandering on what type of food you ate. I like the idea of an outdoor picnic with good food, sunny weather but not too hot, in a slightly remote park.

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  2. Observing holidays is one of those things which is based on your current situation.
    As for me, being single, it was just another day. I do remember the times when I was in a relationship, and it did mean something then.
    Our perceptions of these days, particularly Valentine’s Day, seems to change as we change.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.


  3. I worked in a flower shop on a couple of Valentine’s Days. Here are a couple of crazy things I learned.
    A. Florists do not make anywhere near the profit you would think. Wholesalers increase their prices so much that the retailer only ends up making a tiny profit.
    B. I would much rather have someone give me flowers on any other day of the year. I saw all sorts of men come into the store. Some were very loving husband or boyfriends. However, they were under so much pressure and they felt they were obligated to make the day special. It made me feel like I would never want someone to buy me flowers because they were obligated. I would rather them give flowers to me on any other day of the year because I know it came 100% from them and not to fulfill some tradition. I love flowers, but not on Valentine’s Day.


  4. For me 14th Feb is just another day as I strongly believe that love should be celebrated throughout the year with equal effort. However it feels good to see the love in the air…when the entire town gets drenched in love.


  5. Personally have no interest in Valentines day for the siimple reason that I grew up in Sweden and it was not important. Only celebrated it when I lived in London. The man in my life and I celebrated it on our own at his house on Cheyne Walk. In Saudi Arabia it’s forbidden and I personally think it’s far too commercial.


  6. I’m a naysayer. When my husband and I got together, I flat out vetoed Valentine’s Day. He has a hard enough time getting Christmas and my birthday right. I couldn’t see stressing him out with one more day. That said, he occasionally pops home with some little thing to brighten my day. I’ll take that over V-day anytime.

    I like Sabrina’s family idea.


  7. I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day. A spontaneous ‘just because’ gift or gesture means so much more to me than a gift given out of obligation. On the other hand, some people really do get into the spirit of this holiday.

    I read about a young man who worked as a dishwasher and cook for a year and a half to save the money to buy every girl in his high school a flower for Valentine’s Day. It was really sweet, and of course got him a LOT of media attention. I figure either he genuinely has a loving romantic heart, or this kid is going to grow up to be a marketing genius!

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    1. How dedicated of the boy to work over a year to buy flowers for every female in his school. I am sure they appreciated such a kind gesture. If only more young men followed this practice.


  8. We have never consciously celebrated Valentine’s day – sometimes we think about, other times we don’t. When I was still going to school (way back when) we did exchange Valentines with our classmates but only with the ones we liked. Looking back now I can see this was actually a cruel practice since it left the unpopular kids out – kind of like Charlie Brown who always went to the mailbox to look for Valentines, only to find it empty.
    But never mind – I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day.


    1. At the time you would not have considered your peers. Young people rarely do. It must have been difficult for those who did not receive a card. My first card was given to me aged 16, first year of college.


  9. Some years my husband and I celebrate Valentine’s Day. Other years such as this one (we are recuperating from some long travel days), we let it pass us by. Over the years I have to come to a different understanding of romance which goes beyond the roses and chocolates. Sometimes knowing someone well enough to know when they need a hug is the most romantic thing!


    1. Being secure in your marriage means so much more than giving/receiving flowers and chocolates, although I gladly welcome them! Love should be shown throughout the year and from both sides.


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