How easily do you forgive yourself?

My blog’s focus this week is slightly different to my usual content but I felt such a pulling to write it.

Are you quick to forgive yourself when you make an error or bad judgement at work, in your business, with family and friends? Are you quick to forgive others when they perhaps disappoint or even betray you? 

I truly believe that the two are linked. Where you are critical of yourself, you are likely to be critical of others. Where you fail to forgive yourself for past actions, you are likely to hang onto the pain felt from others who failed to live up to your expectations.

It is inevitable that you will “get it wrong” or events will happen beyond your control. Let us say that you wake feeling tired and consider taking the later train which would mean you arrive to work/university/training slightly late. You decide to aim for the earlier train and on arrival at the station find it is cancelled.  In this instance, you are not to blame as you acted with integrity to arrive on time. Do you allow it to affect your person, no as it was out of your control.

I know I struggle in this area as I place a high expectation on myself, unrealistic even. If my plans do not pan out as I had hoped, I reflect on;

1. Where did it go wrong?

2. Could I have prevented it?

3. How can I learn from this? 

Steps to take in order to move forward:

1. Identify why you need to forgive yourself

2. Separate yourself from the mistake – understand that failure does not make you a bad person

3. Get up, shake yourself off and start again

4. Think of strategies which will help you change your mindset to a more positive one

Finally, remember the famous quote;

It is better to have tried and failed, than to have failed to try” Mike Dennison 

Are you quick to forgive yourself?