Set your goals high in 2016!

I do not know about you but I have a great feeling about 2016 – my second post for the year and I am rearing to go!

I am excited about working on my goals and seeing them pan out. Of course, it will take commitment and sacrifice but as the saying goes;

“Anything worth having is worth working for”.

To be honest it feels like I am working against time and I am always thinking of ways in which I can accommodate my goals whilst bringing balance to other important areas of my life; reading the bible, praying, supporting my husband, raising my children church ministry, developing my career.

A few of my skills and character goals for 2016:

1. Prioritising my time. I am pretty good at managing my time but there is room for improvement. I am beginning to realise that the ability to multitask may not be such a great thing after all. It is far more productive to focus on less activities than stretch yourself to manage many. 

2. Focus, focus, focus! I need to keep my eye on the ball, giving little room to distraction. Challenges and other issues will arise to draw my attention away from my goals but I must be willing to get back onto the path.  

3. Patience. Being willing to wait even when I am itching to move forward or make a decision. Being content with waiting.

4. Attitude. Maintaining a good attitude even when life is proving challenging; when projects are slow to take off and plans do not develop in the way I had hoped.

What are your goals for 2016?

Have they changed dramatically from 2015?  

27 thoughts on “Set your goals high in 2016!”

  1. I have a lot of goals for this year. One of them is to make at least $1000 in side hustle money each month. I’m focused enough to finally make it happen.


  2. “It is far more productive to focus on less activities than stretch yourself to manage many.”

    In a sense I want to go in the opposite direction. I have been a depth-over-breadth person all my life. I have been guilty of overspecialization in the past and it has not served me well, and I hope to be more of a jack of all trades in going forward.


  3. I sure hear your energy and excitement in this post, Phoenicia! You’re set to have a brilliant 2016. No doubt about it.

    I used to facilitate a class on time management and the big things I took away from that were narrowing my focus and then prioritizing the things I really want to get done. It’s easy to get off track, I sure know that, but I just regroup and get back to it.

    Good luck!


  4. As for me, it is my diet and getting back into competitive wrestling shape again.
    I recently had a scare with my recent physical, and my lifestyle, eating and lack of working out, has changed that.
    I think the most important thing is what you mentioned, about staying focuses on your goal. As long as I focus on my goal, I stay the course.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.


  5. I think you’re right about multitasking. I recent read that people who do it a lot actually take longer to complete tasks because they tend to get distracted. That’s definitely something I personally need to work on.


  6. I’ve had a clear vision of where I want to go for quite some time and build on my goals each year to keep me moving in the right direction so they are pretty well thought out. One new thing this year is a ‘don’t do’ list and multi-tasking is right up at the top. I never have a shortage of ideas and if I’m not careful I can get myself in a real bind with multiple projects going on at the same time.


    1. Marquita – I listened to a teaching recently and the speaker mentioned it is just as important to know what you should not be doing as much as what you should be doing.

      Multitasking is overrated. It means you cannot focus on one or two things.

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  7. I’m with you on prioritizing your time. When you are running around trying to do everything, you really aren’t doing anything fully. And then you just feel burnt out and spent. I’m glad you’re feeling so excited and positive for 2016!


  8. After experiencing health issues with members of my family, staying and being healthy is my number one goal. I am so blessed with the ones I have in my life and plan to cherish them more.


  9. Absolutely, we should set our goals high, but not aim for something that’s impossible, such as being elected president of the United States if you are not American:-)

    Agree with you that if you are determined and persevere you will succeed with, almost, anything. Catch is most people lack those qualities.


  10. Great goals for 2016. My goals changed a bit. My goal this year is to make my process easier and flow more effectively. I want to reduce overhead on tasks and focus more on tasks that need to be done and not waste time.


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