Are you thankful for 2015?



My first blog of 2016 – short and sweet!

2015 was a reflective year for me and my family. There were a few disappointments along the way which we had to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and move on. With one disappointment in particular, I struggled to move on and wanted to know the reason why one of our plans did not pan out. Of course, it is not always clear at the time but we have to trust God. If a door closes then it is for a reason – something far more suitable is on the agenda.

I must add, there were times of great joy and blessings which we are thankful for. It is all too easy to become complacent with the people in our lives and our comfortable surroundings.

I like the following quote:

The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for“.

I spent time looking at my character in 2015. I acknowledged and accepted that although you cannot control your circumstances, you can control the attitude you carry. In 2016, I challenge myself to maintain a good attitude – even when I feel like doing the complete opposite. This should be interesting……….

What did you learn about yourself in 2015?

What will you improve on in 2016?