Make 2016 the year you set clear goals!

As we draw near to 2016, I have been pulled to reflect on the year; my achievements, my challenges; what I would do differently, my priorities – do they need to shift?  

There are goals which I achieved and those which I did not. Unachievable goals were perhaps unrealistic but I am a great believer in setting high expectations.  Any goals not reached are moved to the following year or taken off my list altogether if they are no longer applicable. 

I am learning to be flexible and open to change.  Often there is more than one route to reaching your goal, it may take longer but the important factor is you will get there!

Setting goals helps one to remain focused in a world where it can be all too easy to spread yourself thinly and make commitments without giving it much thought. When reality kicks in you realise you do not have the time or perhaps do not even want to make the time. 

Some tips on setting goals;

1. Think about why – what do you hope to achieve?  Whose life/lives do you wish to impact on?

2. What small steps (break it right down) do you need to make in order to achieve your goal?  

3. How will you measure the achievement?

4. Revisit the goal

How often do you set goals?