Are you drowning in paperwork at home?

It seems as though my daughter brings home paperwork every day from school. “Wear your own jumper day”, “dress as your favourite TV character”, school trips, homework, lunchtime and after school clubs.  It can feel rather relentless especially if you have to deal with paperwork in your business, job, church ministry, voluntary work.

My daughter also attends piano and ballet class which naturally brings more paperwork into our home.  She enjoys them, therefore I have made up my mind to grin and bear it – whilst complaining just a tad to my husband!

I really do not want to come home to find paperwork waiting for me but they are not going to be dealt with elsewhere – unless my husband decides to jump on board! This is not his forte so I leave him to get on with tasks he excels in and enjoys. 

I have put the following systems in place in order to best manage paperwork in the home;

1. I read letters and file, if they require action I put letters in my handbag and send a reminder to action during my lunch break at work. 

2. I take photographs of ALL my daughter’s party invitations, homework sheets, class infornation and anything else.  If the original is mislaid, I can refer to my phone’s gallery for guidance and reprint if necessary.

3. I shred paperwork which is older than six months and no longer required. 

4. I  have requested for bank statements to be available online rather than mailed to me. 

How do you manage administration in your home? 

Do you find it time consuming?