How much patience do you really have?

Patience – some people seem to have so much and others so little. I would like to think that I fall somewhere in between! 

Ideally you need to have a fair bit of patience when living or working with children – some may want to add adults to the mix! Not a day goes by when my patience is not tested. How else can our patience grow unless it is put into good use?

From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, you are faced with scenarios where you can choose to exercise patience – or not. Admittedly, I fail at times but another opportunity for me to “step up to the plate” is waiting just around the corner. 

Joyce Meyer quoted:

“Patience is not having the ability to wait but maintaining a good attitude while waiting”. 

When I first read this is I thought “wow”! Often, we have no choice but to wait as we cannot control when, whatever it is we desire, comes our way. Therefore, we cannot say we are patient based on only this. We are waiting merely because there is no other option! 

Looking back to my past, I can pinpoint times where I had a bad attitude to particular situations in my life. I was challenged and unhappy and felt completely justified with carrying a “woe is me” demeanour. 

Was it the right way to live? No
Did it affect my relationships? Yes
Did it bring me any closer to what I desired? No

Four points to consider:

1. Think about why you lose patience so quickly.  Are you over stretched at home/work/in your business? Can you reduce or delegate some tasks?

2. Keep a journal and note each time you feel impatient. Describe the situation? How are you feeling emotionally?

3. Expect the unexpected. Children will spill drinks and friends/clients will arrive late. Life will also go on. 

4. Think about the effect that your lack of patience has on the people around you. How would you like to be perceived? 

Do you struggle with having patience?  

What impact does it have on the different areas of your life?