Is your glass half full or half empty?

Last week, I focused on coping mechanisms for dealing with delay and disappointment. Well, I was recently put to the test!

My connecting train arrived on a platform at the far side of the station and I did not hear the announcement. To add icing to the mix, the train that followed was running late so I stood at the platform for 35 minutes. This was the 4th, yes the 4th Thursday that I have faced a delay or cancellation.

The first thing that came to mind was using this time to draft my blog. I had already read the bible and completed my daily devotion. Reluctantly, I took my hand out of my warm pocket and proceeded to type on my smartphone in the cold.

I am gravitating towards being a “glass half full” person. It keeps me in good spirits and enables me to rise above my situation. Nothing good derives from seeking disappointment and generally expecting very little from life. It makes one weary, despondent and unhopeful.  Life, as I see it is for living and living to the full.

I have listed some tips below on how to enjoy life;

1. Accept that challenges will arise. Some you may find a solution for and others you may just have to go through. I struggled with this for a while, always aiming to go around.

2. Add trinklets of enjoyment into your life. Watch a “feel good” DVD, go for a walk in the crisp air, cook your favourite dish, eat out at your favourite restaurant. 

3. Have a good night’s sleep. Tiredness makes one irritated and less able to deal with the trials of life. Perhaps have one or two set nights in which you turn in early. 

4. Outsource jobs if you can afford it; cleaning, ironing, gardening.  Knowing the domestics are taken care of leaves you free to focus on those things which are more of a priority.

Do you have any tips to add?

24 thoughts on “Is your glass half full or half empty?”

  1. Love this post and the comments, Phoenicia. I’ve always called myself a realistic optimist–meaning that I know the sky can fall, but I choose to believe that it’s not going to. At least not today. Maybe tomorrow. I have taken advice from a couple of our BHB folks and started a Gratitude Journal. Each morning, I endeavor to write a prayer or a list of thanksgiving. My life is not without challenges, but I am blessed in many more ways. So the glass is always half full for me!

    PS. You maybe not be on Twitter (yet), but this post is now!


  2. I love this post, Phoenicia, as it comes at a very timely moment for our household. I am an eternal optimist and always see the light ion any situation. My husband is the opposite, and always sees the darkness. With coaxing and determination, I can occasionally get him to loosen up and trust my intuition that things will work out and they almost always do.

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    1. Doreen – glad my post was timely for you.

      My husband takes optimism to the next level. He believes he can make a 30 minute journey in 15 minutes because that is how much time he has allowed. I do a lot of sighing as you can imagine!

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  3. I try to remain optimistic because they say that when you say something negative to yourself, your mind instantly takes that on and starts to believe it. So negative thoughts can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    On a separate note, I miss my days of commuting on the subway. I used to get so much work done on those subway tracks. (There isn’t much of a public transportation system where I live now.)


    1. I admit to using my commute to update my blog and business page, message friends, work on church ministry tasks and read the bible. When I am home I can focus on my family ☺


  4. I tend to tell people I am an optimistic pessimist 😉 When I find myself getting frustrated, I will change what I am going in order to get my brain on a different focus. It’s helped me immensely over the years to cultivate that habit, but took a while to fully achieve. Also, are you on Twitter? I don’t see your Twitter handle anywhere on your site.


  5. I confess I’m a pragmatist so while I definitely see the glass as half full, I would drink the water and suggest a smaller glass next time. As far as challenge and adversity go, from my point of few the only way is to face whatever it is and push on through. It’s the only way to learn and prevent repeats, plus it really helps boost the confidence.

    No question there are so many things to be grateful for in life, and as a friend of mine always says, “I don’t worry too much about getting it all right, I’m just tickled to be alive and in the game.”


  6. I like your tips. I too think I have struggled trying to go around challenges I couldn’t solve and am coming to understand that one really needs to work through them. A good night’s sleep and some trinkets of enjoyment help.,


  7. Phoenicia, I am definitely a ‘glass half full’ type of gal. I don’t think I would be if I didn’t have the faith I have. I love this from a song – “I believe for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows. We need the rain as well as the flowers.


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