What are your key achievements?


Throughout life, we work towards achieving; by way of studying, going for promotion, running a business, participating in a charity run and so on. 

Achievement brings a great sense of satisfaction. One is elated that they have moved to new heights.  It will give you the confidence to aim higher – to head for the top!

From a young age, children are encouraged to work to the best of their ability. In the classroom, children are praised when excelling and encouraged to develop skills when struggling in a subject area. 

I recall leaving secondary school (many years ago!) with a National Record of Achievement (NRA). This folder displays certificates of my achievements throughout the five years. I cannot help but smile when I occasionally browse through my college and university certificates. The five years of post school education impacted on my life greatly. It gave me a sense of hope for my future.  

Your “hoped for” achievements may well be personal, therefore only the people closest to you will know of them.  It is not always advisable to discuss your dreams and goals with all and sundry. Allow your achievements to do all the talking!

Questions to consider when planning towards your lifetime achievements;

1. What are you passionate about? 
What makes you tick? 

2. What have you always wanted to do but were hindered from doing so due to your age, finances or responsibilities?

3. What is your planned retirement age? Do your current pensions/savings plans support this?

4. What adjustments will you need to make to your personal life? 

To round up, working towards your achievements will keep you focused in a world so full of distractions. Nobody can take or own your achievements – they are yours to do as you please. 

What is your key achievement?