Why you need purpose in your life


Purpose is what keeps us going when fatigue and challenges arise. When we would prefer to relax in the evenings but understand the need to prioritise spending time on our business/ project/book.

Purpose keeps us focused and striving towards the dream that is deep rooted within our hearts.

Purpose brings meaning to our life. Without it, people can go on to seek fulfillment in all of the wrong places. Before discovering my purpose, I recall feelings of great discontentment and frustration. I knew I wanted to give more of myself but was unsure to whom and how.

Purpose exists for each one of us but some are so consumed by the trials of everyday life that they give little or no time to pursue it. How many people have you met with such wonderful giftings but no actual desire to do anything with them?

As humans, we long for acceptance (some far more than others) and to feel that we have made a difference whether in someone’s life or within an organisation. Having a purpose reminds us that we have something specific to offer, that we have a mission to complete which will impact on this world in some way.

Over ten years ago, I read a book called ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ written by Rick Warren. It completely changed my perspective on identifying and fulfilling my purpose. Please click the link below for a summary: http://purposedriven.com/books/pdlbook/#purpose

Have you identified your purpose?

Are you determined to fulfil your purpose – no matter how much it will cost in terms of your time, finances and energy?

30 thoughts on “Why you need purpose in your life”

  1. Purpose is the key. And not just a purpose, the purpose has to have a strong meaning which means adding a, “because” to the purpose. When someone says, “I want to be a better person” that has no real meaning. But if they add, “because I want to be an individual who is reliable, trustworthy and responsible” makes the purpose more purposeful. It also helps them evaluate their choices. They can ask themselves, “Will doing this make me a more reliable, trustworthy and responsible person”?


  2. Hi Phoenicia,

    I’ve definitely found my purpose and my life feels more fulfilled as a result of it. Just knowing that you have a deeper meaning makes you feel good. I can connect with your past feelings of frustration and discontentment, I’ve been there.

    To think that you could once be somewhat happy with such shallow things is comical to me now. Nice things are great but I think there is more to life.

    Thanks for mentioning the book it sounds interesting. I’m going to put it on my list.



  3. I’m actually very clear about my purpose, but it took years to get to this point. I believe one problem people have when it comes to identifying their purpose is they feel it needs to be some big important or impressive thing and so they keep looking outside of themselves instead of investing the time to build self awareness which would lead them to their purpose. Great article!


    1. In a world which urges us to ‘dream big’, I am not surprised some may feel pressured to have dreams that are off the scale. We really need to be true to ourselves about our passions – however big or small they may appear.


  4. This reminded me of one of John Maxwell’s teachings where he said that knowing our purpose is tied to our passion. Knowing why we are here allows us to make better choices and we’re able to focus towards fulfilling that passion. Personally, I’m still in the process of really understanding my purpose here in this world, but already got some idea.


  5. Yes, we need to do more with our lives than simply survive, don’t we? Purpose is what makes you spring out of bed in the morning, and keeps us focused. Perhaps it’s possible to have more than one? Nowadays, I divide my time between my different passions – writing, cars, family, and of course, my cats : ))


    1. Merely surviving would leave a major void in our lives. We see the sad outcome of those who actively seek to fill the void; sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling and so on.


  6. Whoa – another Rick Warren fan! I have 2 copies of the early release and 1 copy of his updated version of The Purpose Driven Life. Who KNEW Phoenicia, you and I shared this interest?


  7. I’m not sure I have a single purpose or that my purpose has remained consistent. The most important thing in my life is to be a good father. Sometimes I need to remind myself that some of the other things that come up aren’t nearly as important.


  8. I’ve always felt a sense of purpose in my life. I think that means something a little different to everyone, but my purpose gives me reason to wake up in the morning, keep striving when I am tired and keep creating no matter what the obstacles. Thanks for the share.


  9. This is a really interesting post! I’ve never thought about purpose much before, but I do have the Rick Warren book. I’ll pull it out, dust it off, and take a look!


  10. Nice post about Purpose! Yes, we all have them ( I hope) and it can be difficult to shift to accommodate priorities so that you can fulfill a larger purpose! But we try!!


  11. My life-purpose right now that I’m getting older is very simple – making the most of each day, that’s it.
    It wasn’t always that way.
    First my purpose was to raise our boys to the best of our ability;
    Second, to have a career that gave me the greatest job satisfaction.
    I’ve had both.


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