Five tips for working in excellence!

Working in excellence will set you in good stead in your home, place of work, business or church ministry.  Be the one who exceeds expectation rather than just meets it. 

We should aim to do everything, not just some things to the best of our ability. It is true that we may not be as excited to do tasks that we least enjoy – ironing anyone?! However, it is still important that those tasks are completed well. Sloppiness has no place in our lives. I repeat – sloppiness has no place in our lives!

Below I will give you five tips on how to strive for excellence:

1. Work on changing your mindset.  Some tasks will never be exciting but as they are necessary you cannot run away from doing them.  The next time you have to complete a task that you would rather not, plan a small treat for yourself to enjoy afterwards.

2. Spend time with people who challenge and inspire you to move out of your comfort zone. Whilst it is easier to do as we have always done, we will not develop our skills or our character. 

The well known quote by Albert Einstein rings true;

“Insanity: Doing the same things over and over again, but expecting different results”.

3. Look at how you will go on to benefit others and take the focus off of yourself. Think about doing for others and learn to enjoy giving of yourself. Go out of your way to be a blessing whether it be with your time, skills and expertise, financially or emotionally. 

4. Improve your skills and quality of life.
Book onto a training course to develop your skills in an area you are passionate about. Join forums/groups to network with people who have similar interests. You will be surprised with the ideas you can bounce off one another.  Look after your body inside and out – eat healthily, drink lots of water and incorporate 30 minutes of exercise into your day. 

5. Learn from past failings but do not dwell on them.  Everyone has failed at something Do not allow this to deter you from being the best you can.  Learn from your mistakes by not returning to them. Do not be afraid to take risks. 

What does working in excellence mean to you?

Are there tasks that you carry out half-heartedly? If so, why? 

34 thoughts on “Five tips for working in excellence!”

  1. I liked your tip on changing your mindset. So many people get set in their ways, they are unable to change, and hence change with the world. If you are to be successful, you need to be able to change with trends and evolve with them. Thank you for sharing these tips with us.


  2. Your tips are spot on. I love tip #2. I made a goal this year to expand my comfort zone. So far its working. I’ve networked more and pushed boundaries more than ever.


  3. Each one of your tips is spot on Phoenicia! Mindset is especially important – our attitudes serve as filters through which we see the world around us. The great thing is we have the power to change that filter and it can make all the difference in our lives. Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. If I don’t strive for excellence, I wind up spending more time ruminating about the my half hearted approach. In fact, I’ll spend more time worrying about it then it would have taken to get the job done right. Also, I think others know when you put effort into a project. The result is even if they may not agree or like what you’ve done, they have respect for work.


  5. I’m with Lenie and do the things I dislike first to get them out of the way. Cleaning? I shove it in around the edges of the week so that I don’t have to do it on the weekends. Provoked by another BHB post from last week and as you noted here–I am scheduled to attend a writer’s conference in November and signed up for two classes that will totally push me to the uncomfortable place. Yahoo to new!


    1. Rose Mary – the writers conference sounds promising. I hope you enjoy the courses you signed up for.

      Good on you for pushing out of your comfort zone!

      Lol at you shoving cleaning in around the edges!


  6. One thing I’m really focusing on right now is spending time with others who get me out of my comfort zone. In my former marriage things got too familiar, which has its strong points, but really life is best when we challenge ourselves in every way imaginable. That’s where the true growth takes place.


  7. Always a good read when the post is about something that affects us all. Striving for excellence in everything should be a part of everyone’s work and moral ethics…would be a better world if it was.


  8. Phoenicia, wonderful post with great tips. I am in the habit of doing the thing I dislike the most, first. Then the rest of the day can be enjoyed without that little nagging voice that keeps saying “I must do that“.
    I love the Albert Einstein quote – so true.


  9. I’ve heard over and over that failure is a necessary step for success. If you aren’t failing, you aren’t taking chances and you will never reach the level of success that you aspire to. Failure teaches you one more way NOT to do something. So you make a needed point to learn from past failings.


  10. Good and true suggestions. Apart from what you mention I also try to do the little extra that is not expected of me. Unfortunately though it sometimes works against you. But in most cases you benefit from doing so.


  11. There are definitely things that I do half-heartedly and I appreciate the reminder that if I am going to do something I need to be committed to doing it as well as I possibly can.


  12. Great post! I always felt that doing tasks with 100% effort is so important. It shows others you have respect for yourself and others. I tell my kids when you leave a room, it should look better than when you found it. They haven’t quite absorbed this tip yet, but, I hope someday they will. Thanks for sharing.


  13. What a great quote! I certainly agree that the mindset is key to achieving excellent results. Also, almost anything we do is more effective when we focus on the needs of others rather than just how the results will benefit us.


  14. I love the quote at the beginning of this article. Aiming to do all things with excellence means really paying attention to them and being in the moment. I like to rush through those tasks I’m less excited about, such as doing the dishes. Needless to say, when I do that, the job isn’t very well done.


    1. Donna – the quote says it all. Simple and to the point.

      I am another one who dislikes washing up. I usually play music or listen to a teaching on YouTube. It helps to pass the time and make the experience less painful!


  15. Working in excellence to me is doing the best I can with my gifts and talents. In the process the hardest part for me is comparing myself to others. In doing so, either I or the other person come up short. My focus in excellence is better served only in working in excellence with who I have become at that moment. Two terrific quotes you’ve shared Phoenicia, thanks.


  16. I love your quote…autograph your work with excellence! I used to tell the people that worked for me to get the mundane off their desk first thing in the morning so that they could do the fun stuff the rest of the day! Otherwise, knowing those tasks were waiting would cloud their enthusiasm. Worked for me:)

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