Five ways to improve your time management

With increasing demand from family life, our careers and ministry there is a greater need for effective time management.

We are each given just 24 hours. It is entirely down to us how we choose to spend it. 

Personally, I have cut down on my TV viewing time which has made a huge difference to my evenings. I now spend this time doing things that are helping me to develop my character and skills.  

I actively set aside family time otherwise I will allow myself to get caught up in other tasks which are important but should not take priority. I love my family to bits but by nature I am a doer. I like to tick off my check list and see instant results.  

My five tips to improve your time management; 

1. Wake up with a purpose for each day. Without purpose, one drifts in life. I start my day with prayer and reading the bible. I ask God to reveal His plans for me that day and actively seek to bless at least one person with a word of encouragement, my support, a listening ear. 

2. Write down your priorities each day, in order of preference. Tasks not carried out can be carried over to the following day (there will be one or two!)

3. Plan to arrive early NOT on time. If you arrange to meet someone for 1pm, make a mental note to arrive for 12.30pm. This will allow for traffic and any other delay. 

4. Communicate your movements with your spouse to ensure you are working as a team. Pull together to make life workable. Ensure you know of one another’s plans so there are no misunderstandings or double bookings. 

5.  Make full use of your diary and apps on your mobile phone. I recommend noting events and key dates in a hand diary and your mobile.  Also use the ‘reminder’ option as a prompt. This works well for me!

How effective are your time management methods?

Do you secretly wish for more hours in the day?

32 thoughts on “Five ways to improve your time management”

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  2. My time management is actually pretty good right now. I too cut down on watching useless TV last year. That made a huge difference.


  3. Great tips Phoenicia, I rely on my to do list if not I am finished lol.
    First of all! Start your day with a prayer which I sometimes forget to do. But I am getting there!
    And yes I do wish there were more hours in the day


    1. Safari – you and me would both be finished!

      Always try to make time for prayer – even a few minutes and then build up.

      If you had more hours, would you still over load your day?


  4. You can’t go wrong by starting your day in prayer! I like to think I do that, but I’m guilty of rushing into the day without even stopping to think, much less pray. Thanks for this reminder!


  5. I’ve found making a list at the end of each day helps me envision the following day. It’s also important to follow the 80/20 rule. At least one day a week I might not get things done as well as I would like, but the key is to not let it get me down the next day because that is a brand new day.


  6. For me the good ol’ pen&paper works best. As I write down the todo list I lose the sense of overwhelm and gain clarity. Digital doesn’t work, because of my learning style (kinesthetic).
    I also became just annoyed with reminders.
    Now I only place scheduled appointments on my calendar with 2 hour margin (just in case LOL).

    I still wish I was more pro- than reactive…


  7. Great tips! I think the most important tip is to figure out yourself and the time of the day that you are most productive. For example, I am a morning person so I would start work at 7:00 AM and stop at 1:00 PM and then start work again at 3:00 – 5:00PM or 6:00 – 9:00PM depending on the day. That is what is great about being your own boss, you can determine your own work hours. =) Thanks for sharing.


  8. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but in the summer I like to watch baseball games. That amounts to 2 or 3 hours a night. So when I feel like I’m not getting everything I need to do done, I pass up the baseball.


  9. I’ve pretty much gotten where I’m going early my entire life. My mother brought me up with the notion that if I was exactly on time, that was late. However, in the last couple years I’ve started planning to get places more on time. I realized I was wasting huge chunks of my time getting everywhere so early. Having said that, it really irritates me when people are late. So I think planning to get places early is good advice, especially fo those who rely on others waiting for them most places that they go.


  10. Excellent advice Phoenicia! I always view planning as priority management rather than time management. I follow each of your tips, in fact the last thing I do each day is prepare for the next day.

    Also, one small thing that really helps me is sticky notes. Digital rather than paper. Between writing, research and networking, the bulk of my work is conducted on my laptop and I use a digital sticky note posted in the corner of my screen to list the top priorities for the day so they are virtually in my face all the time to keep me focused. Thanks again for the motivation and inspiration!


  11. I find that if I have a to-do list with the must-do tasks listed first, that makes me do the most important things first. The lease important can wait if necessary. Also, assigning either a length of time or actual time such as 9 – 9:30 works well for meeting deadlines.


  12. Phoenicia, I believe this tip is the most important one – ‘I ask God to reveal His plans for me that day and actively seek to bless at least one person with a word of encouragement, my support, a listening ear.”

    When you actually decide to encourage or support someone, it seems the opportunity to do so always comes your way.


  13. Time management is important in life. Personally have always just given priority to what’s most important and can’t wait. If I have, say, a deadline, it’s frankly stupid to clean the flat instead of finishing what I have to do in order to meet the deadline.


  14. All good tips. I am a list maker, but sometimes need to make the lists too long. A good tip is to get the hardest task out of the way first. Otherwise it can weigh on your mind and distract you from other jobs.


    1. Yes, most challenging tasks perhaps could be placed first. I tend to put off those tasks I dislike until last. I probably hope they will somehow disappear – they never do!


  15. I have always been a person organized with a list as part of my arsenal. Punctuality, or arriving early, has been a curse as well as a benefit as sometimes I find I have to wait for others who may not share this genetic trait 🙂


    1. Yes, there is that side too Tim! However, better for the other person to be late than you. You could always wander round the shops/update your website/make a call whilst waiting.


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