A woman’s work is never done


Another busy week lays ahead!

Does anyone else feel that housework is non stop? I am constantly putting clothes in the washing machine or hanging them out. Not to mention the household chores which I must say my husband is equally brilliant at. I am sure women around the world have the same responsibilities as I do but perhaps their attitude and approach differs greatly to mine.

My daughter breaks for Easter this week and I have various activities planned for them. We also have a special Easter Service at church. My daughter mentioned going on an Easter egg hunt and has asked if we are taking a family break no pressure there then! I felt a little guilty as my husband and I went on a much needed hotel break. I returned home a different woman I tell you! As much as you love your children, it is healthy to occasionally spend time alone with your spouse.

My mother recently encouraged me with the following,

“Housework will never end so do not try to beat it. Instead work with it.”

Those words truly resonated with me as I have, in the past attempted to out win housework and guess what – it wins every time.  I am results driven and receive much satisfaction when a task or project has been completed.  I like a definite end and am fully aware that this is not always possible.

In your opinion is a woman’s work ever done?

Do you have a system in place to make housework easier/less tedious?

Thank you for reading!

4 thoughts on “A woman’s work is never done”

  1. I was sick this weekend–from Thursday through Sunday I mostly laid on the couch. This is totally unlike me. This morning when I woke up feeling mostly like me again I thought: Gee, that’s the first break I’ve had in months.
    That is pathetic!
    My husband isn’t a slave driver. It’s not like he’s telling me I have to do this or that around the house all the time. When I’m ready to whine about a task, I stop and think: Hey, RM, who in this house is “making” you do this?


  2. Neither a woman’s nor a man’s work is ever done. Every day we need to do and sort out a number of things. Doesn’t matter what gender we are, life is about doing and solving an abundance of things every day.


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