What are your priorities in 2015?


My priorities this year include;
1. Grow spiritually – more time studying the bible and praying

2. Develop myself within my church worship team

3. Grow my church cell group and impact the lives of each woman

4. Regularly update my blog

5. Excel in my make up business – reduce my working hours

6. Increase my networking

With all this in mind, among other more personal priorities, I will need to keep my focus and turn a blind eye to little things that usually gripe meanything is possible. A prime example is when my daughter and son’s toys are covering the lounge carpet and my daughter decides to bring out her arts and crafts on the floor where my son is guaranteed to spill them.

My husband is a gadget person and if he does not have phone/headphone leads hanging out then it is a laptop permanently open and perched on a table. Although I like to see everything in it’s place I will not allow these day to day things to distract me from my goals.

As women, if we are not mindful we can emerge ourselves only in the domestics and lay our passions to rest. I feel it is important to have order in and outside of our home but we must also pursue our passions, those things that drive us.

I watched a film (Motherhood) with Uma Thurman who plays a frustrated blogger and a married mother of two living in an inner city flat. She has a heart to heart with her husband and complains that she is fed up with picking up his socks. He turns to her and says;

“What makes you want to live a life of passion, no matter how many socks you have to pick up?”

Immediately I thought YES this is the place I want to be at!

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