Maximising time

maximise time

I have at times felt like running away – there, I have said it!  This feeling rears it’s ugly head when I am burned out or the children have been playing up; daughter taking toys out just before bedtime, son refusing to sleep despite being tired, son crying due to teething I could go on.

Leading an organised life means I am constantly kept on my toes. I am either thinking, planning or doing. This is the only way to keep things ticking over. I am slowly realising the importance of finding time for myself . One thing I enjoy is loading photographs from Pinterest onto my personal boards – I could spend hours doing this!

As women, we must be kinder to ourselves and fit in ‘me’ time. I am talking to myself here too! We spend the majority of our time catering to the needs of our families and tend to put ourselves last.  Men have no problems in finding time to relax regardless of what is going on around them. For centuries they have prioritised socialising and carry no guilt either.  How many men do you know who step in the house and walk straight in the kitchen to cook a meal? Yet this is the norm for many women.  My husband always rests for 30 minutes or so on arriving home from work.

Start by scheduling a few hours just for you. Do something you actually enjoy rather than spending the day pottering around at home.  If you have a young family leave the children with your husband/partner, family or friend.  You really are more likely to embrace your busy lifestyle if you slot in personal time for yourself.  Perhaps you already take time out

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